Strapsco & Dassari Watch Straps Review

Strapsco is a US and Canada-based strap seller that produces a wide-range of straps for all sorts of different types of watches. I reviewed another strap from Strapsco a little while back, it was a Bell & Ross strap. Today I’m taking a look at a couple of their general straps that are good for replacement on a range of different watches.

The two straps I’m reviewing today are a Patina Distressed Italian Leather strap in Grey and the Belize Nubuck Suede in Tan. Both are well-made straps with professional finish for very affordable pricing. As of this writing they are both on sale but that might not last long – at the sale price they are a no-brainer for sure. These straps are made with fine Italian leather on swiss machinery in China.

Let’s take a look at this Grey distressed strap first. Great little distressed piece with vintage-inspired stitching. The different colored stitching at the tip of the long tail is an interesting touch. The straps also all come with buckles and spring bars which is a nice little bonus. The straps construction feels like a very solid piece of leather, which makes it feel robust. I quite like the feeling of the strap overall. I also really like the distressed finish on the strap, it looks great. While it may not be for everyone, I do like these types of straps.

The back of the strap is lined with a soft black leather that feels great on the skin. Finishing is really good on this strap, and I’m actually quite impressed with it. The style of this strap would really suit a Panerai actually! The smell of the leather is also very nice which is an important feature for me – probably because it is Italian tanned leather. Let’s take a look at the next strap.

The second strap I’m looking at today is their Tan Nubuck Suede. Its a similar construction to the Distressed strap above, but has a cleaner look to it with finer machine-stitched thread. This is a very flexible and comfortable strap, with an extremely fine and soft nubuck finish on the surface of the strap.

The back of the strap features the same black leather backing that the distressed strap features. Double keepers with one fixed and one floating keeper is always good feature in my books. Again, a nice smelling strap, unlike a lot of other straps that are made in China. This is a solid piece.

Overall these are two great straps that offer exceptional value to anyone looking to replace their existing straps or just add more straps to their collection to give their watch a little bit of a different personality every once in a while.

Size: 20mm
Color: Grey
Length: 120/80mm
Thickness: 3.5mm
Material: Leather
Price: $54.99USD

Size: 22mm
Color: Tan
Length: 120/80mm
Thickness: 3mm
Material: Leather
Price: $49.99USD

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