Camille Fournet for Gucci Strap Review

Material: Semi-Matte Crocodile
Retail Price: NA
Street Price: $29.95US
Thickness: 3.5mm
Style: Dress
Size Reviewed: 22mm x 18mm

Many of Gucci’s watch straps are manufactured by Camille Fournet in France, who are a fairly large OEM manufacturer of luxury watch straps. Several eBay sellers purchased what appears to be a very large lot of these straps and have been clearing them out on eBay for very good prices, given that their French pedigree and genuine crocodile construction. One of the straps I picked up is this 22x18mm semi-matte crocodile dress strap.

The first photo makes the strap appear to be black, but it is more of a very dark brown, with matching dark brown stitch. The strap is relatively stiff, especially given that it is a moderately thin strap. While not as thing as traditional dress straps, it doesn’t have the thickness of a sport strap.

The crocodile pattern is a large scale variery, with a beautifully clean hide – no imperfections whatsoever. I purchased this strap for a solid rose gold Louis Erard dress watch which requires a 21x18mm strap, and ended up squeezing the strap into the smaller lugs, which worked very well. In fact, this worked so well I purchased another one of these for my Father’s Oris Moonphase which also requires a 21x18mm strap.

The strap is stitched very well, and the profile of the strap has a slight curvature to it at the base, and then tapers to a non-padded strap on the ends. After wearing this strap for several months, it has maintained a very good appearance and continues to look like a strap that is much higher than its street price would suggest. Comparable to crocodile straps in the $150 range, quite easily.

One fixed and one floating keeper, which is a pretty standard configuration for OEM straps, since this is one of them. The buckle notch and the holes in the strap are fairly narrow, keeping consistent with Dress Watches. Sometimes this can be an issue when purchaseing after market straps and fitting OEM buckles to them as notch and hole sizes can vary.

The back is leather backed in matching black leather, and stamped with the Gucci logo and “Genuine Crocodile” as well as “Made in France”. I have owned several of these Camille Fournet manufactured Gucci straps in different styles and all are EXCELLENT straps for the money. I would highly recommend any of them given their very low price point.

Comfort: 8/10
Design: 7/10
Fit and Finish: 8/10
Overall 8/10

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