Visconti Marble Green Alcantara Strap Review

I just received a brand new strap from this company based out of Milan, Italy called Visconti Milano. They specialize in bespoke straps but also have a large selection of ready-to-wear straps like this Marble Green Alcantara strap that I’m reviewing today. For those of you not familiar with Alcantara, its often referred to as Ultrasuede, and is considered a premium synthetic suede alternative, so its good for those of you who are vegans or vegetarians out there.


Here it is pictured with all the accessories it comes with, which is quite decent. While it doesn’t come with a buckle, it does come with a spring removal tool, a semi-rigid plastic lug measuring card, and is all nicely packed in a special Visconti bag. These straps are well presented and are well crafted. The Alcantara is nice stuff, and has a great soft feel to it and is a great alternative to leather.


These straps are all handmade in Italy, and with incredible precision. Each one is very well-crafted, with no flaws that I can see. The stitching is straight and even, and the edges finished professionally. Definitely a top-notch product. These straps are premium straps, and certainly feel the part. I would be very interested in trying out one of their Panerai straps in the future.. maybe I will review one for!


These Alcantara straps are backed with rubber, which looks and feels fantastic against the wrist. Its a nicely, professionally finshed material with sizing and logos stamped on the back of it. I actually really like the choice of material for the back of the Alcantara. I’ve seen some alcantara straps backed with leather, which actually doesn’t make sense because it would turn away buyers that want a vegetarian product.

This strap has a 22mm lug, with 18mm buckle width, which is a common size. They call this their Patek style, but it is compatible with most watches that have a 22/18mm strap configuration. The 115/75mm length is pretty standard and should fit most sizes of wrist as well.


Here it is in the original packaging that it came in. These are definitely premium straps, but they definitely earn their price tag with their premium craftsmanship. I look forward to experiencing more Visconti straps in the future. Hope you enjoyed the review!

Reference: Patek Style
Size: 22/18mm
Color: Marble Green
Length: 115/75mm
Thickness: ~3mm
Material: Alcantara Leather
Col Code: T640SD
Price: €120

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