ALFA Panerai Style Brown Leather Watch Strap

ALFA is an Asian-based producer of quality watch straps for all sorts of watch types out there, including Panerai. This particular model is designed for smaller 40mm Panerai watches, because it has a 22mm lug width. This strap was graciously provided by Total Watch Repair.

It also works on other watches of course, nearly everything that takes a 22mm strap. It doesn’t have tubes installed, so you will need to provide your own for a Panerai. Thread is a natural and appears to be lock-stitched by hand, which would be great for the $44.95 Price tag.

The strap doesn’t have foldover construction, but is sandwich construction with two layers of leather. It smells pretty good for an Asian-manufactured strap, and the top layer of leather looks pretty darn good too.

Here’s a nice close-up of the leather surface, which has a neat distressed pebble effect on it. I’m actually pretty impressed with the construction of this strap, and it competes easily with some of the bigger names out of Asia like Strap Culture.

Material: Brown Leather
Size: 22mm
Buckle: Silver
Keepers: 1 Fixed, 1 Floating
Length: 80/120
Price: $44.95

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