Hadley-Roma Black Alligator Breitling Style Watch Strap

Material: Alligator
Price: $199.95US
Thickness: 2.5mm to 4mm
Style: Breitling Style
Size Reviewed: 22mm x 18mm

Hadley-Roma started in 1905, and has evolved from a small jewelry company into one of the largest manufacturer and distributor of watch bands in the world. One of the products that produce that is quite popular are their Breitling style watch straps. Since I’m a Breitling guy, having an affordable, yet high-quality alternative to Breitling’s OEM straps is something I’m always looking for. I picked up this 22mm Genuine Alligator Hadley-Roma strap for my Breitling Datora.


Here is the strap as it arrived. The box it comes in is a snap-tite plastic affair, which is really common with most of the big watch band manufacturers. When you go to a watch repair place, and look at the watch strap selection, there’s a good chance they’re all in one of these. Not the most impressive way to present a $199.95 strap, but what do you do. Speaking of price, these are a bit less than retail where I got them at Total Watch Repair for $169.95.


These are high-end straps, and are hand made in the USA to ensure that the quality of the strap is commensurate with the price. I am quite happy with the overall quality of this Black Gator: It has straight, consistent stitching; nice, natural leather scent; good grain pattern; and great overall construction quality. The stitching is an ivory sort of color, that seems to be consistent with what Breitling is offering so that’s a plus.


The strap has a bit of that “puffy” Breitling look to it, and while it doesn’t match it perfectly, its pretty close. The Alligator scale pattern is the large square type, which has a very high quality look to it. Breitling’s straps are actually made of Crocodile, which has a slightly different feel to it. Both are fantastic exotic strap materials.


The strap is a 22mm, but tapers down to a 18mm. Older Breitling straps had this taper, but Breitling has now graduated to a 20mm taper on their 22mm straps. That’s my only criticism on this strap, otherwise its fantastic. Really well made, and looks great. A superb aternative option over the $590US that an OEM Breitling Crocodile strap will cost you now, and you still get a beautifully crafted, USA-made genuine Alligator strap. Sounds like a deal to me.

Hadley Roma Black Alligator Strap for review kindly provided by Total Watch Repair.

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